Dec 5, 2007

Ran Online's Life_pt & Attr (Life Point & Attribute)

Many users/players of Ran Online in Indonesia are not too sure about the functions of Life_Pt & Attr. Well, I got this information from Ran Online - Malaysia.
  • The highest life point means the weapon will glow shinning. If attribute in negative status means purchase item from NPC will more expensive, opposites selling item rate will be lower and unable to use NPC store system. In additional, Life point will affected club leveling up issue.
As the above explanation about life point (or Life_pt / lpt) goes, the higher your Life_pt is, the more your weapon and/or your equipments will glow/shine.

There are a few methods to increase your life_pt. The basic way is to perform the Sweeping with a Broom QUEST back in the campus. you can get this quest to talk to the Locker ROom NPC from the Students' Director, and then proceed to the Locker Room NPC to get the broom, and then back to the Students' Director to get the QUEST.

After which you proceed to the dormitory to sweep stuffs on the floor. Each time you completed this Quest, you will be rewarded with +1 Life_pt, and 10 Breads. However, this is the slowest way to increase your Life_Pt.

The second method is to find a character or characters with red color font on their names. Kill these red-alphabetized characters by pressing the Z button on your keyboard, and the left mouse to execute an attack/skill.

The third method is to a new character, raised the level to roughly lvl 30-32, and then set the character to zip (press the Z button on your keyboard and the left mouse to execute an attack/skill). As you zip around with this new character, the new character's attribute (or attr) will keep be deducted. Stop zipping characters with white font color after your attr reached slightly more than 300 points.

Once that is done, your red/zip character should be useful for you to raise your Life_pt. Bring your main character and red/zip character to the Practice Yard. Just press Z and a soft attacking skill to hit the red/zip character. Your Life_pt should increase either 5 to 6 points per each kill.

An even faster way is to deploy more than one red/zip character and, making the job of increasing Life_pt much much easier.

Another function of Life_pt is that the higher it is, the easier it is to upgrade your Club. Honestly, I am not 100% certain what Ran Online - Malaysia means by 'Club'. It could be Club=Weapon, or Club=Guild. However, I am guessing that Club in Malaysia means Guild in Indonesia. Why? 'cause in Indonesia we have Guild War or War Guild (WG), whilst in Malaysia they have Club War. The link below should be sufficient to justify my guess.
Attr, or attribute, on the other hand, affects the prices of items sold/bought at the NPC. A negative attribute means that the item purchased from the NPC is more expensive than a 0 (zero) attribute, or item sold to the NPC is much lower than a 0 (zero) attribute. A character with a high negative attribute will be unable to purchase anything from the NPC.

Additionally, there is another 'possible' function of the Attr. The higher your Attr is, the lower the percentage/chance that your weapon/equipments/accessories will drop during PK/hunting/zip. The reverse is true, where lower or negative Attr will increase the chance that your weapon/equipments/accessories drop.

  • Affects Glow/Shine (Higher Life_pt, Weapon/Equipment Shines More)
  • Affects Upgrade Issue of your Guild

  • Affects Item Price Sold/Bought at The NPC
  • Affects Access to NPC That Sells Items
  • May Possibly Affects Drop Possibility of Your Wearable Weapon/Equipment/Accessory


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how to get the atrribute down to 0 again?

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Clean dormitory